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Week 7 JV Team

JV Team

The JV Team finished their season with 2 more wins 12-0 and 15-4 against Bethel Park.

Game 1 – Kat pitched – 1k, no walks, 11 hits and a shutout win. Katarina goes 3/3 with a home run, Tia with a grand slam, Ella and Tia with a big double play.
Game 2 – Tessa pitched – 2 walks, 12 hits, 4 runs. Savannah 4/4, Megan and Hailey with a home run.

Great season girls! 13-1 record, finished in first place and #1 defense in the league!
Some JV team stats:

Batting averages:


14 games played – 85 total innings

6 – five inning games

2 – six inning games

5 – seven inning games

1 – eight inning game
8 of 14 games were ended on the mercy rule
57 outfield flies caught

5 double plays turned

13 tic-toc dances recorded

14 home runs hit

2 grand slams

3 gallons of hot chocolate drank

19 strikeouts pitched by Kat/Tessa

42 trippings over nothing by Ella
23 innings of 3 up/3 down defensively

50+ LF foul balls hit by Savannah and Megan

100+ shouts by Tia of “LET’S GO BIG …”

Memorable moments and some things we learned along the way:
Caroline batting lefty to open 2nd plum game is not a good idea (she hit herself in the head on her swing)
Umpires can’t change a flat tire (caused a game to start way late)
Savannah’s diving face plant at home chasing a runner from 3rd — Plum.
Coach JJ is a pretty good tic-toc dancer.

Hannah’s pump fake even got the ump and he missed the out — Seneca.

We were truly robbed of a game ending 3rd out TWICE! Runners left bases on a swinging strike — Seneca, Hannah/Tia pickoff a runner at first but we were winning so the out didn’t matter according to the ump — Plum.

Tessa will go back and look on the mound for a missing fake finger nail she lost.

Coach Mike will jump up and down and yell loudly on 3rd base….alot.

Despite winning almost every game we were down by 2 almost every inning when coming up to bat.

Megan tackling the LF fence — bethel park.

The only thing that can stop Hannah from playing a softball game is covid-19 quarantine.