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2021 Season Final JV Game

The JV Team ended their 2021 season with 2 more wins and went undefeated.  Going 12 – 0.

Montour game 1: What a game! down by 7 in the 6th and score 9 runs then go 1,2,3 on defense to end it. Well done girls! Way to battle for a win. 19-17
Batting: Jaidyn 5/5 and scored twice in the 6th, Tessa 4/4
Defense: Kat – 18  hits, 1 K, no walks 
                1 inning 3 up/ 3 down 
Montour game 2: Meg hit a homerun to start the game and the defense was too much for Montour in the 2nd game. win 15-2 in 5 innings.
Batting: Hannah 4/4 with a HR in the 2nd, Meg, Ash and Tia all 3/4
Defense: Tessa – 10 hits, 1 K, no walks
                  3 innings of 3 up/3 down, back to back double plays in the 1st and 2nd,
North Hills game 1. We finished our season off on a cold rainy day but the girls got the job done, winning 15-5 in 5 innings
Batting: Meg and Kat both 3/3, Caroline 2/2, Hannah hit a HR in the 2nd.
Defense: Kat – 11 hits, 4 K’s, 2 walks.
                         1 inning 3 up/3 down
North Hills game 2.  Win 14-11, The girls were still cold but went and got 1 more to end the season 12-0.
Batting: Katarina 4/4 and Hannah hit a HR in the 5th
Defense: Tessa – 13 hits, 2 K’s, 3 walks
                             2 innings 3 up/3 down
                             Hannah and tia had  a double play in the 6th
Thank you to all the parents and players for another great season. 12-0, undefeated and the 2nd best offense and defense in the league!! Those are some great bragging rights for the girls to have! All of the girls worked hard, never gave up, and showed who was the better team every single game this season, here are the stats to prove it..
JV Team stats
12 games played, 67 total innings, 
8 games won by mercy rule, up by 10 after 5 innings
Scored 10 or more on offense in 11 of 12 games
11 home runs hit
8 double plays turned
216 runs scored
100 runs given up
8 games, 8 runs or less given up, 5 of those 8 were 5 runs or less.
                             AT BATS         HITS          AVERAGE
  1. Hannah          53                 37                 .698
  2. Tessa            46                 31                 .674
  3. Kat                44                 27                 .659
  4. Tia                 63                 35                 .556
  5. Alex               31                 17                 .548
  6. Meg               66                 36                 .545
  7. Ella                58                 30                 .517
  8. Jaidyn            42                 22                 .476
  9. Katarina          47                 22                 .468
  10. Malia              13                   6                 .462
  11. Hailey MIles    23                 10                 .435
  12. Nicole             15                   6                 .400
  13. Selena            43                  15                .349
*** minimum 10 at bats 
   Kat              93          61            2                  13                       35
   Tessa          66          29            6                   8                        32
  • We hit twice as many home runs in the last 4 games than we did in the first 8 games.The 15 minute lighting delay at etna field. 
  • Girls…..Do I really have to tell you not to eat the mushrooms growing in the outfield?
  • Left field foul balls were down 30% from last season.
  • Hannahs perfectly placed home run in Jaidyns mom’s chair against montour. Terra why didn’t you catch it? It was hit right to you.
  • I can’t believe the roofers finished before we did.
Only 4 of the games this season went a full 7 or more innings and when they did it was exciting:
Bethel Park Orange, game 2. Bottom of the 7th, down by 3. Kat walks, Selena singles, Alex singles, Meg singles and clears the bases, tying the game, Katarina hits a walk off double, Meg scores for the win. Game over Shaler wins 9-8.
Montour, game 1. Bottom of 6th, down by 7. The girls batted through the order, Jaidyn drove in Tia for the tying run on her 2nd at bat in the inning, Kat doubled and scored Tessa and Jaidyn to go up by 2. Top of the 7th the defense went 1,2,3 for the win 19-17 ( Jaidyn batted twice and was the 1st and last runs to score in the 6th, nice job Jaidyn)
North Allegheny, game 1: This game had everything. The most back and forth game of the season, we were down by 5, then up by 2, and then back down and back up, went into extra innings and we got up by 4 then gave up 2 for a very wild finish. Shaler won 23-21. This was our only game where we gave up 20+ runs, N.A. only had 3 outfielders, Meg hit the top of the 16 foot fence on a field that is 218 feet, and Tessa showed up in a tow truck.
North Hills, game 2: Last game of the season and the girls played hard to keep the perfect record. Bottom of the 7th, up by 6 and N.H. had top of the order coming up. The girls gave up 3 and then shut it down on the 5,6,7 hitters with Tessa closing the season on a strikeout.
The weather had a big effect on us this season! A big thank you to all the parents for getting the girls to all the reschedules and the late nights:
  • We had 4 home weekends on the schedule but only played 1 Saturday at hilltop, the rest were at Etna, North hills and Oakdale.
  •  We had a 23 day break due to a bye week and rainouts
  •  We played 6 night games on weekdays.
  •  All 6 night games were in a row
  •  We played 6 games in 11 days to end the season.